Back in 2009, Paula chose to come and study a semester abroad in Denmark with an Erasmus scholarship, but ended up staying for her full master’s degree. She realized early on, that Denmark can offer many amazing career opportunities. She decided to stay here after graduating, and has never regretted her choice. Currently Paula works as the Head of Digital Technologies at Lundbeck.

Education: Head of Digital Technologies
Company: Lundbeck
Country: Romania

Paula Petcuoriginally from Romania, has been living in Denmark for over a decadeShe currently works as the Head of Technologies at Lundbeck, the global pharmaceutical company located in Copenhagen. After her arrival, she quickly realized the great career opportunities Denmark offers for everyoneTodayshe has a job she is really passionate about, and at the same time enjoys spending her free time on various hobbies. 

Building a career  

Paula’s first experience in Denmark was as an exchange student, and during the short period time she spent here, Paula chose to study her full master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. She admits she did not know much about Denmark before she arrivedHowever, it was easy and fast to realize the amazing career possibilities she has in Denmark. Those possibilitiesaccompanied with the respected education system, made her choice to stay easy
Building a career in Denmark after her studies has been exciting, and Paula is impressed with the way people workShe mentionedthat “you are expected to speak up, to say what you think, and challenge the way things are.” Though it has been a new experience for her, she has quickly adapted to the informal business culture, in which every opinion is heard and people commonly have a very open mind.

Building Brian 

Even though Paula has a full-time job at Lundbeck, the work-life balance in Denmark allows her to pursue a variety of hobbies. Her favourite out of all of them is Brian, a humanoid robot she has been building for a few years. “Some people do gardening or read books in their free time. I’m building a humanoid robot and it is just amazing that I can do this in my free time”, she says.  

Brian has currently a torso, a head and arms, while the lower body is still under construction. The process of building Brian up to this point has been a lot of trial and error, but Paula is fascinated by the knowledge and practice she gains. “I have been reading a lot of anatomy books, and learning more about mechatronics and electronics as I go”, Paula mentions on her YouTube-video. She has been capturing the process of building Brian since the beginning on her channel, and she will continue to capture the exciting moments she has in her journey to build the humanoid robot. 

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