Patrick is often seeking new experiences and adventures, and starting a life in Denmark was definitely one of those. After finishing his master’s degree, he continued as a data engineer at Danske Bank, where he was previously a student assistant. Patrick finds it professionally relevant to develop his knowledge and competencies; it provides security, as the learning keeps him updated on the ever-changing world

Education: MSc in Computer Science
Company: Danske Bank
Country: Germany
Patrick Lewandowski

Patrick Lewandowski arrived to Denmarin 2018 to study a MSc. in Computer Science at the Aarhus University. He was excited to go on an adventure, and a master’s degree in Denmark was an amazing opportunity for him to do so. Today, Patrick works as a DataOps at Mobile Payan app solution launched by Danske Bank, but which is currently an entity of its own. 


“I wanted to go on an adventure.” 

Patrick was into swimming in his youth, though it turned out he was not fit to be a competitive swimmer. The realization resulted in him considering other career paths, which ended up leading Patrick to Denmark. Studying abroad fascinated him because he could effectively improve his English language skills, and the education in Denmark is high level and provided without any tuition fees for EU citizens. In the end, it was the adventure he was searching for. 


In his opinion, the university education has been an adventure very close to what Patrick’s impression of American colleges are; quite a few parties, Friday bars, and other events, all including beer, of course. It is Denmark after all, the home of Carlsberg. It is not all fun and games, though, and the Danish educational system collaborates closely with companies. “It is easy to get your foot in the door”, and to build your network – already as a student. Patrick values the opportunity he had as a student to work with real life cases and companies, and found the practical approach to education and studying beneficial in his later career. 


Never-ending adventure 

Patrick’s IT background offers him various possibilities with the type of work he does and the location of his job, and he enjoys the freedom of not being tied to one job for the rest of his life. It is also common to have various opportunities provided for employee development. Patrick himself considers constant development invaluable in his own life; he is constantly seeking new interests, and developing his knowledge and competencies. “Developing yourself provides security in your career as you create more value to your work. So, the chances of losing your job decrease, and even if you do, the chances of finding employment again are higher.” 


Like many other talents in Talent Fellowship, Patrick has experienced the known Danish work-life balance. In Denmark, it is encouraged to indulge and enjoy your lifeand it is understood that for enjoyment, more than a great job and success in your career is required. Patrick considers it priceless to be able to meet with friends or go for a swim, even after a day at work. It enables him to continue the adventure he come to Denmark for. 

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