Maximilian was hired right after graduating by Salling Group. Due to the lack of IT specialists, it was not a huge challenge to get a study job, and later a full-time job as an app developer. He has enjoyed being financially independent, even as a student, and loves that in any work environment everyone is equal, regardless of the title they have.

Education: MSc in Computer Science
Company: Salling Group
Country: Germany
Maximilian Scheid

Maximilian Scheid, commonly known as Max, waready for new opportunities and experiences when he chose to study a MSc. in Computer Science at Aarhus UniversityIt was easy for him to settle in Aarhus, and currently he works as an app developer for Salling Group, an international retailing group. 


Denmark as a student 

In Max’s opinion, the educational system in Denmark differs in various ways from the one in Germany what he was previously used to. Denmark offers practice-oriented educations, which ensure that the students are able to apply the knowledge learned into real life. It was a crucial factor for Max while making his decision where to apply. The connection between education and the real life is related to the efficiency Max feels like Denmark as a country is especially excellent at; in his own words, “stuff actually gets done.”  


Besides the practice-oriented educational system, Max highly enjoys the financial independency he was able to have, even as a student. The Danish government provides Danes and other EU-citizens financial aid, SU. In order to receive SU, international students have to work 10-12 hours a week, and it is common even for Danish students to work alongside their studies. The financial independency allows students to enjoy their life outside of school, and Max himself met and got to know fellow students from all around the world through different activities and festivities. 


Denmark as an employee 

It is not only effortless to connect with fellow students, but also with Danish people in general. Even though sometimes reserved, Danish people are commonly open-minded, and speak English without a trouble. They tend to be flexible and helpful towards internationals, and Max mentions that “after a while I actually stopped asking whether Danes speak English, because the answer was always yes”. 


It is effortless to connect with the Danish people, and for Max, it was nearly as effortless to find a study job, which turned into a full-time position after his graduation. Denmark currently lacks IT specialists, resulting in high-demand of great talents in the IT sector. Max even mentions, that “it took longer to get a CPR-number, the Danish social security number, than a job.” Max found it fluent to adjust to the Danish work environment, especially because internally, various companies communicate in English. It has been the result of lot of cross-the-border business done within the Danish companies. 

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