Krzysztof joined Talent Fellowship in 2019, and was immediately discovered by Universal Robots. This robotics giant recruited him straight away through Talent Fellowship, because of his great talent and skills with software development.

Education: MSc in Robot systems
Company: Universal Robots
Country: Poland

Krzysztof Zielinski utilized his skills in software development, creative thinking, and something in order to challenge himself and to find his niche in Denmark. Throughout the two years of his master’s degree in Advanced Robotics Technology, he has been a student software developer at the R&D department at Universal Robots, a giant cobot producer and developer located in Odense, the robotics hub of Denmark.


Hard work as a driver for talent  

The work-life balance in Denmark ensures an opportunity to gain relevant work experience already as a student, but more attributes are required for success. Krzysztof joined Talent Fellowship when he was hand-picked by Universal Robots from a pool of other students. Due to his excellent skills and competencies in software development, the process to find employment was quick, and the study job has provided him great opportunities to build his talent and network.  

Krzysztof faces new challenges that ensure the improvement of his talent even further, and works hard for his goals. In order to pursue his passion for robotics and software, he is involved in multiple projects. He is able to implement some of these projects at his work place; in cooperation with Universal Robots, he is working on an Augmented Reality mobile application as a new way to interact with a collaborative robot. In addition to this project, he is also working on a toy robot for children to acquire STEM-skills already at a young age.


Flexibility as a driver for creativity  

Krzysztof is able to gain new knowledge and a better insight through the projects he is working on. Even though he is a master’s degree student and an employee, the flexibility both his education and work place provide allow him to be creative and innovative. “It is a cool way to work in Denmark; you get to be creative and do what you deem is best to achieve the results you want.” Creative thinking is highly encouraged in most work places in Denmark, and higher diversity due to a higher number of different cultures at a work place is proven to improve creativity and innovation.

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