Vielma Gómez

For the first time, Andreína arrived in Denmark over 10 years ago as an exchange student, and fell so much in love with the country only to return and settle here a few years later. Andreína has had a possibility to pursue amazing career opportunities, and now, after finishing her degree in Technology-based Business Development from Aarhus University, she is working as a Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group.

Education: MSc. Eng. in Technology Based Business Development
Company: Implement Consulting Group
Country: Venezuela

Andreína enjoyed her year as an exchange student in Denmark over ten years ago so much that she chose to study her higher education degree here, too. Now, with a master’s degree in Technology-based Business Development from Aarhus University, she is working as a Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group and has not thought twice about her decision to stay.

Denmark provides endless opportunities.

Andreína thinks highly of the work-life balance Denmark is famous for. Due to this balance, it is possible to have a successful career, a happy family life, and still have time to meet with friends and enjoy different hobbies. Andreína is planning to run a half-marathon on the Faroe Islands in the summer of 2021 and in the autumn, a full marathon in Berlin. She can plan her schedule to have time for the training alongside her job and social life.

In her own words, “the American Dream is only possible in Denmark.” The educational and financial system in Denmark allows ambitious people like herself to reach for their dreams, regardless of whether they are professional or personal. Although the Danish society is widely known for its collective values, individualism is highly encouraged, as people can choose their own paths. Andreína has had the opportunity to pursue career goals and develop her competencies in various settings. Only your imagination is the limit of your dreams.

By connecting with the Danish people, you also learn the Danish culture.

Danes are sometimes difficult to approach, but starting the conversation in Danish improves their impression of foreigners. “I made an effort to reach out to my Danish classmates and colleagues to create relationships.” Taking the initiative and keeping an open mind gets you far with them. “It is an investment to spend time creating relationships with the Danes,” as they are known to be loyal and have life-long friendships.

It took Andreína only eight months to speak Danish fluently. While every foreigner cannot learn the language that quickly, as Danes did not make their language easy, she encourages everyone to show their effort by learning a word here and there.

Andreína enjoyed the freedom she was given in Denmark already as an exchange student since she did not experience similar freedom as a teenager in Venezuela. Though Danish people might be reserved at first, they welcome foreigners with open arms and are eager to hear you say “rød grød med fløde.” It does break the ice with the Danes, and you can laugh together about how funnily Danish people pronounce some of their letters. Andreína understands that moving to Denmark might be intimidating at first, but reassures that the experience, and her life here, is worth the effort. 


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