After finishing his MSc in Electrical Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Alejandro is working with robotics engineering at Lorenz Technology. He loves the opportunity of being fully independent, that living in Denmark offers. Due to the international mindset the country has, adjusting to his new student and work life in Denmark was smooth and effortless for Alejandro.

Education: MSc in Electrical Engineering, Automation and Robotics
Company: Lorenz Technology
Country: Spain
Alejandro Velasco

Alejandro García-Vaquero Velasco has enjoyed his experience to study and work in Denmark. After finishing his MSc. in Electrical Engineering at the Danish Technological University (DTU), Alejandro has been working as a Robotics Engineer at Lorenz Technology. In his opinion it is key to find a work environment, in which individuals and teams are appreciated and cared for – like the one he has found at Lorenz. 


Expectations exceeded 

Denmark is known to be the country of Vikings and LEGO, but what is surprising to many, is how well the Danish people speak English. It is nearly impossible to meet a Danish person, who is not capable of communicating in English at least a little. It was also a pleasant surprise for Alejandro, whose friend spoke highly of Denmark as a place to study and live, and it made Alejandro’s decision to study at DTU easier. 


Alejandro’s expectations of Denmark were exceeded also by the financial independency he was able to have even as a student. SU, the governmental support for all students, who are citizens of specific European countries, enabled Alejandro to focus on his studies as he was financially secured. The governmental support is valuable after students graduate; good unemployment benefits ensure, that recent graduates can focus on finding a job they are passionate and driven about, instead of finding something just to have a job. 


Technology with a human touch 

Alejandro is grateful for his job as a part of the robotics team at Lorenz Technology. He works with the interaction between the digital and the physical engineering. His job entails understanding the actions of the hardware to implement the best possible software solutions. The job Alejandro has is based on technology, but he enjoys the human interaction behind it all. The work environment at Lorenz Technology is very caring, and using Alejandro’s own words, “feels like a family.” His colleagues and managers take into consideration him as an international, and make sure he is able to schedule his work around the holiday periods, when Alejandro visits his friends and family in Spain. 


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