Technology Denmark (TD) strives to always ensure the safety of your data. Below you can read further about the handling of your personal data, the purpose of it, as well as which rights you possess when your personal data is being handled.

Purpose of handling personal data

Your images and personal data are stored and handled by TD to carry out work in relation to TD’s purpose. Your images which we have taken, and the data you have given us, is handled in compliance with the privacy law. In case of portrait images or photographing, that demands consent, we require a declaration of consent from those visible in the images.

We include agreements of data handling with the companies we cooperate with, whether it is the companies responsible for image handling or the host of our website. It is done to ensure, that they also follow the rules and principals for protecting personal data. In very special cases, we may be compelled by other legislation to pass on data to authorities, insurance companies, banks, or others, if they can demonstrate a legitimate access to the information. TD has copyright to the images we take.

Personal data categories and their source

Contact information is collected in the form of name, address, e-mail, and information related to the education. The only data collected is provided by the photographed person, or informed about by the company, with whom TD has made an agreement. TD stores and uses only the data of you that is necessary to carry out the tasks, and to comply with authorities’ and others’ requirements for the documentation.

Recipients of personal data

Personal data, that is provided in the form of contact information, is not disclosed to other parties, unless there is a separate agreement with you, or it is necessary to follow legitimate requirements of others. See above about authorities, etc.

Storing of personal data

The portraits and images which require consent, and which TD has copyright to, are stored up to 5 years in our archive, and afterwards deleted permanently.

Access to your personal data

You will always be informed in advance, when your data will be handled, and when images of you will be stored. If you know or have an assumption, that TD handles your data, you have a list of rights in relation to the handling. These rights are listed below. If you choose to use any of your rights, you need to contact us via e-mail at

Upon request, we will initially ensure, that you are the real owner of the data or images before you can access your rights to the data. A request will be handled within a reasonable amount of time, and latest 4 weeks after obtaining it. In case it takes longer to handle your request, you will be informed.

Right to insight

You have the right to ask insight to the personal data we handle of you. It applies to both the data and images stored by us, and to what they are used for. Upon request of insight to which images of you are stored, will you get an access to see the images digitally online. You do not have the right to receive physical examples of the images, or to receive the images digitally in high resolution.

Right to oppose

You have the right to oppose if you disagree with the handling of your personal data. It is possible, that in your opinion the data handling does not comply with the purpose described in this privacy policy or with the given consent. In either situation we will assess if your opposition is justified.

Right to ask for correction

You have the right to get incorrect data corrected. The right applies to factually incorrect and incomplete data if it has a meaning to the handling.

Right to dataportability

You have the right to receive your data in a technical, readable format. Note, that it only applies to the data you have provided. If you want to have your images handed out, you may only use the images privately, since we have the copyright to the images. If you want to use images commercially or publicly, you need the permission from us.

Right to withdraw consent

When we take images of people, it will typically be based on consent, and therefore you can at any given point in time withdraw your consent. We are only justified to handle data that is going to be used to documentation for authorities, insurance companies, banks, or others who have legitimate access to the data.

Right to complain

You are always welcome contact us, if you have any questions or wishes to complain about our handling of your personal data. You have also the right to complain to Datatilsynet (The Danish Data Protection Agency), which is the authority responsible for the compliance of the legislation to protect personal data. You can send a complaint to

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