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Studying and working in Denmark provides various opportunities within the different regions. Explore the possibilities the Capital region of Denmark, Central Denmark, Southern Denmark, and Region Midwest offer.


Capital Region of Denmark

The University of Copenhagen is situated in the Capital Region of Denmark, more precisely right in the middle of Copenhagen.

“Denmark’s capital of cool is unstoppable” writes Lonely Planet about Copenhagen. The travel brand has appointed Copenhagen as the best city to visit in 2019.

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Copenhagen is the focal point for the majority of the Danish IT Industry. Both large-scale and minor companies are growing in the Danish answer to Silicon Valley.

The University of Copenhagen collaborates with more than 60 IT companies interested in employing graduates from Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Health Informatics, etc.

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Students enrolled in the SCIENCE Faculty at the University of Copenhagen will enjoy a nice study environment, closeness to both co-students and professors and the scientific community, surrounded by green areas, high-tech companies eager to provide job opportunities and the metropolitan liveliness and charm of Copenhagen.

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Meet i.a. Novo Nordisk, NNIT, 3Shape, Maersk, L&T and a vast number of minor companies eager to interact with our international students.

Central Denmark Region

Destination AARhus represents Greater Aarhus – an area surrounding Denmark’s second-largest city, Aarhus, packed to the brim with exciting opportunities for young professionals to-be.

Centered in the city of Aarhus, you’ll find Aarhus University, which is ranking in the top-100 out of the world’s 17,000 universities.

This reflects in the vibrant feel the city of Aarhus embodies when each year, thousands of students start their first classes.

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Looking towards the IT-career opportunities, Greater Aarhus locates some of Denmark’s leading companies. This is an area for cutting edge tech, sustainable business, and pioneering innovation. The companies are tightly connected, often seeking knowledge sharing across industry fields and competitors to innovate better solutions together.

The eco-system of Greater Aarhus’ companies gives you the ability to explore your professional interests and career opportunities across many, often very different, companies.

On top of the very elaborate and social student environment, you also have events scattered across the area, making Greater Aarhus a place for knowledge sharing and networking.

The area hosts national and international conferences, bringing leading companies, research, and experts together. 

This allows you to never stop growing, and always staying up to date with what is new within your field of interest.

There are a large group of leading companies in Greater Aarhus looking for future IT-employees to grow, innovate, and stay competitive.

Meet companies such as The LEGO Group, Grundfos, BESTSELLER, Danske Bank, Billund Airport, and many more.

This human touch to industrial production will boost creativity as well as productivity”

- Invest in Odense

Region of Southern Denmark

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark with just over 200,000 inhabitants. The population is steadily growing, and the city is in these years developing rapidly.

Many know Odense as a great place for IT Business, tech development with a great robotic cluster, and the national test center for drones. A good business environment is found in Odense. In 2019, the World Bank ranked Denmark as the Best European country for business, and Odense is ranked the Best Danish city for start-ups.

In the early 19th century, the famous author Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense, and now  many foreign guests visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum yearly.

The Triangle Region gathers 7 municipalities. 415,000 people live in the Triangle Region, and we are home to over 22,300 companies in more than 70 different fields. The Triangle Region offers a university and six institutions of higher education as well as international schools.

Because of the region’s healthy economy, there’s higher demand than ever for international talent and the region’s world-class businesses are renowned for offering rewarding jobs and attractive opportunities for development. Both private and public organizations are on the lookout for internationals to fill roles in the region, and thousands of educated newcomers have already made the move to work and live in Denmark.

Many are attracted to the Triangle Region due to the opportunity to combine professional challenges with comfortable living, outdoor pursuits and family-friendly working hours.

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Region Midwest

In Business Region Midwest everything is within reach. It is possible to go to work, surf in the North Sea, and have dinner in a cozy restaurant all in one day. The region covers 7 municipalities in central and western Jutland with variety of natural and cultural resources.

The region is home to several highly specialized companies and professional collaborations in a wide range of services, crafts and industries that are in constant development, and incorporate cutting edge technology and innovation. Just to mention a few, there are Lifestyle & Design, Sound Hub, Wind power, advanced manufacturing, food production.

At the same time, the region offers favourable conditions for work-life balance with an easy access to nature, a good infrastructure and affordable housing. The area has an attractibe cultural scene and various events. Everything from big concerts with world famous names in the multi-purpose arena Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, to museums, ballet, musicals, concerts and so on. Local shopping is also available in all the cities, ranging from big to specialized stores on pedestrian streets, to malls of smaller and bigger size.

The region is also home to the Department of Business Development and Technology – a branch of Aarhus University. The department is internationally oriented, and a big supplier of talent to the region. Approximately 15% of the students are from outside of Denmark.

Students at the Department of Business Development and Technology are offered a unique chance to combine their technological studies with Business competence. Also, the department is in close cooperation with the surrounding business community making it the perfect stepping stone for a career in the Midwest region.

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