Talent Fellowship

Talent Fellowship offers an opportunity to be a part of a community of international talents, who are seeking a career in tech in Denmark.

Join the community of Talent Fellowship and kickstart your career in tech

For students who want to kickstart their careers in tech, it is important to gain an insight to the tech industry, and the companies within it.

In order to combine theoretical knowledge with real life, practical experiences are highly relevant. Talent Fellowship is a talent programme made in collaboration between selected Danish universities, Business Region MidtVest, Destination AARhus, Technology Denmark, the Triangle Region, and leading companies within IT, software, robots, drones, games and digitalization.

Talent Fellowship is designed to give international students the right profile to address the needs of the global technology industry.


Four Regions

Talent Fellowship is a joined force of the four regions: Copenhagen, Midwest, Southern Denmark, and Greater Aarhus. The purpose is to gain the interest of international talents to choose Denmark as their study and work destination.

The talent programme introduces the international talents to world leading companies working with tech to find the best fit for kickstarting their careers. Former international students find that having a relevant study job provides an amazing network to connect with the industry as well as the Danish people.

So why Denmark? It has high ranked master programmes, great possibilities to collaborate with companies for the study projects, and the student life is rather smooth due to financial independency. It opens the opportunity for balancing studies, work, and life outside both of them.

The industry

In order for every company to grow, it is crucial to hire the right employees with the right set of skills. Talent Fellowship focuses on breaching the competency gap many companies face within the IT and tech industry. Meet some of the companies and read further on what they do to be inspired with new career opportunities.

The talents

Former talents gained great experiences and career opportunities when choosing Denmark as their study and work destination. Listen to their stories and find out how it all began.


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