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Talent Fellowship

Talent Fellowship offers master students from all around the world a once-in-a-lifetime experience while studying in Denmark.

About Talent

Talent Fellowship is designed to give the international students the right profile to address the needs of the global technology industry while offering you a unique insight into the industry.

Working in the industry while studying will offer an opportunity to improve different skills in a practical setting and develop a priceless network to nurture any future careers.

Talent Fellowship is a talent programme made in collaboration with selected Danish universities, Destination AARhus, Business Region Midwest, Triangle Region and Technology Denmark and world-leading companies in the fields of IT, robotics, drones, games and others.

Studying in Denmark

A world-class education can be expected, when choosing Denmark as a study destination, and a secure, international friendly, and innovation-driven environment is provided. The IT and tech industry in Denmark is all about working on relevant tech solutions for current, world-wide issues.

Working in Denmark

Due to the flexibility in the labour market and the educational sector, it’s easy to combine studying and working in Denmark. Since the government provides financial support for international EU students who work 10-12 hours a week, most of them are economically independent.

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